At this time, our office if not equipped to accept walk-in inquiries.

Please call our office at 867-669-5575 or email us at to speak to a Human Rights Officer or to make an appointment.

The Commission is taking precautionary measures in response to the ongoing Covid-19 situation. We continue to respond to inquiries and receive complaints. The fastest way to access our service is by contacting our office by phone or by email. 

Please call our office at 867-669-5575 or email us at to speak to a Human Rights Officer.

The NWT Human Rights Commission is committed to promoting and protecting human rights in the NWT. We thank you for your patience and understanding during this time of uncertainty.

COVID 19 Statement

The NWT Human Rights Commission encourages employers, housing and service providers to consider the potential disproportionate impacts of COVID-19 on the vulnerable groups they employ or serve.  These vulnerable groups include indigenous and racialized peoples, people with disabilities, older people living alone or in institutions, and people with low-wage employment or no employment.

At the same time, the NWT Human Rights Commission recognizes the importance of balancing people’s right to non-discrimination with public health and safety, including the need to address evidence-based risks associated with COVID-19.

Employers and housing and service providers should ensure any actions they are taking or any restrictions made concerning COVID-19 are consistent with recent advice from medical and public health officials and are justified for health and safety reasons.

We encourage everyone to remember our human rights obligations while ensuring public health and safety.

We are here for you.

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