Commission Members hold regular meetings to discuss Commission business. Members of the public can attend Commission meetings.  Those who wish to attend a meeting must notify the Executive Director no later than three days prior to the meeting. Members of the public who wish to ask questions or make presentations to the Commission are asked to submit their question or notice of presentation in advance of the meeting.


The NWT Human Rights Commission is composed of three to five Commission Members and the Executive Director all of whom are appointed by the Legislative Assembly for a term of four years. Commission members are selected based on their interest in, and sensitivity to, human rights. They are from different communities in the NWT and work part-time for the Commission.


The Director of Human Rights is responsible for the administration of the complaint process and the operations of the Commission office. The Director also acts as secretary to the Commission.


Staff members assist both the Commission and the Director in fulfilling their mandates. Staff members provide a wide range of services to the public. This includes providing information about the NWT Human Rights Act to the general public and to parties involved in the complaint process.

Adjudication Panel

The NWT Human Rights Adjudication Panel is a separate and independent agency hears complaints referred by the Commission. The Adjudication Panel also hears appeals of the Commission’s decisions to dismiss complaints.