Black History Month 2021

Introduction to Black History Month This month in recognition of Black History Month we will be sharing posts on Facebook that will promote learning and understanding of the history and struggles of Black, Indigenous  and People of Colour (BIPOC). It is our hope that by sharing the stories and experiences of racialized individuals, we can … Read more

Gap Between National Building Code and Accessibility Standards Risks Human Rights Complaint

Many businesses and service providers believe the National Building Code sets the standard for accessibility. However, meeting the building code does not mean that a building, space, or meeting is accessible. Unfortunately, this may only become apparent after someone files a human rights complaint. Many business owners believe they are exempt from current accessibility standards … Read more

Welcome Nicole MacNeil, Executive Director of the NWT Human Rights Commission

The NWT Human Rights Commission is mandated to protect the human rights of Northwest Territories residents. The Commission is composed of three to five Members and the Executive Director. The Executive Director is responsible for the operations of the Commission’s staff, the administration of the complaint process, and is responsible to the Legislative Assembly for … Read more

Speak Out Against Racism

People in the Northwest Territories and throughout the world are making their voices heard in confronting and condemning anti-Black racism. The NWT Human Rights Commission stands with the Black community of the NWT in condemning the racial profiling and systemic discrimination that is part of the lived experience of Black, Indigenous, and other people of … Read more