Welcome Nicole MacNeil, Executive Director of the NWT Human Rights Commission

The NWT Human Rights Commission is mandated to protect the human rights of Northwest Territories residents. The Commission is composed of three to five Members and the Executive Director. The Executive Director is responsible for the operations of the Commission’s staff, the administration of the complaint process, and is responsible to the Legislative Assembly for … Read more

Speak Out Against Racism

People in the Northwest Territories and throughout the world are making their voices heard in confronting and condemning anti-Black racism. The NWT Human Rights Commission stands with the Black community of the NWT in condemning the racial profiling and systemic discrimination that is part of the lived experience of Black, Indigenous, and other people of … Read more

COVID-19 Statement

The NWT Human Rights Commission encourages employers, housing and service providers to consider the potential disproportionate impacts of COVID-19 on the vulnerable groups they employ or serve.  These vulnerable groups include indigenous and racialized peoples, people with disabilities, older people living alone or in institutions, and people with low-wage employment or no employment. At the … Read more

Understanding Ageism – A document on age stereotypes and discrimination

The NWT Human Rights Act prohibits discrimination on the basis of 22 different grounds. One of these is age. The Commission recognizes that age stereotypes can lead to discrimination and has created a document called “Understanding Ageism” to help individuals, business owners, landlords, and service providers better understand how to prevent age-based discrimination. Older and younger … Read more