Director and Deputy Director

Nicole MacNeil, Director
Nicole MacNeil was appointed as the Executive Director of the NWT Human Rights Commission in November of 2020.  Ms. MacNeil brings years of experience from her time as a private practice labour and employment lawyer, and from within the Government of the Northwest Territories’ Labour Relations Division. Her career has led her through advising on harassment and accommodation policies, participating in human rights mediations, and overseeing workplace harassment investigations.

Janet Grinsted, Deputy Director
Janet Grinsted began at the Human Rights Commission in February of 2014, and is currently serving as Deputy Director.  A resident of the Northwest Territories since 1991, Janet worked for over 20 years in various roles at the Department of Education, Culture and Employment in the Government of the Northwest Territories.  Janet has a degree in Cultural Anthropology from the University of British Columbia, a Law degree from Osgoode Hall Law School, and a Certificate in Conflict Resolution from the Justice Institute of British Columbia.


Staff members assist both the Commission and the Executive Director in fulfilling their mandates. Staff members provide a wide range of services to the public. This includes providing information about the NWT Human Rights Act to the general public and to parties involved in the complaint process.

Marcus Jackson, Human Rights Officer
Marcus Jackson started working with the Commission in 2013.  He holds a Bachelor of  English and a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and is our communications officer and investigator. Marcus worked in a variety of positions throughout Alberta and BC before making Yellowknife his home in 2010. He volunteers his time and skills as a graphic designer to various organizations in the city.

Raegan Mager, Human Rights Officer
Raegan Mager has been with the Human Rights Commission since September 2014. She obtained a Law Clerk Diploma from Centennial College and Studied Philosophy and Sociology at the University of Toronto. Raegan has lived in the NWT for over 25 years and has 10 years of experience in various sectors of the Government of the Northwest Territories. Raegan’s role within the Human Rights Commission is assisting people in resolving human right disputes.

Cait Ross, Human Rights Officer
Cait Ross has been with the HRC since September 2017. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in History and International Development from Trent University as well as a Master’s Degree in International Conflict Analysis, through the Brussel’s School of International Studies, University of Kent. She is currently working on a Restorative Justice certificate through Simon Fraser University and certification in Mediation through the Justice Institute of BC. Cait grew up throughout the North but has called Yellowknife home for the past 19 years. She has experience working in the non-profit sector as well as both the Territorial and Federal Governments. She is passionate about community engagement and assisting people in resolving human rights complaints.

Dezerae Pidborochynski, Human Rights Officer
Dezerae Pidborochynski started working with the NWT Human Rights Commission as a practicum student in 2019 while finishing her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Justice Studies. She served for more than 10 years as a Correctional Officer with GNWT, and brought with her a plethora of transferable skills including conflict resolution. Dezerae is continuing her education with the International Institute of Restorative Practice and the Justice Institute of BC. She is a life-long Northerner who is committed to public education and awareness, and assisting people in resolving Human Rights conflicts.

Linda Noseworthy, Administrative Officer
Linda Noseworthy arrived in the Northwest Territories from Newfoundland in 1996. Her previous employment experience has been with the municipal, private, and non-government sectors. Her formal education includes bookkeeping and administrative training. Linda started to work for the Commission in 2009. Linda not only brings a wide variety of experiences and skills but also a mature outlook to her role in this office as Administrative Officer.

Legal Counsel

Roger Wah Shee, Legal Counsel
Roger Wah Shee is a proud member of the Tlicho Nation and was born and raised in Fort Smith, NWT. He served as a member of the NWT Human Rights Commission from 2010-2014 and is now Legal Counsel for the NWT Human Rights Commission. Prior to joining the Commission as Legal Counsel, he worked for the GNWT for 20 years in various departments including Executive and Indigenous Affairs, Environment and Natural Resources, and Human Resources. Roger holds a law degree from the University of Victoria and is a member of Law Society of the Northwest Territories and is also a member of the Indigenous Bar Association.

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