Human Rights and Jurisdiction

The NWT Human Rights Act applies to businesses, industries, organizations, and government agencies which are regulated by the NWT. These include:

  • Government services like health care and hospitals, and education and schools
  • Stores, service centres, and businesses
  • Tenancy for residence or business
  • Publications like magazines or newspapers

The Canadian Human Rights Act, applies to industries, businesses, and organizations which are regulated by Canada such as:

  • Aboriginal governments, land claims and treaty rights
  • Airlines and other transportation companies that travel between territories and provinces
  • Federal government services such as old age security and employment insurance
  • Telephone companies, radio stations and television and Internet providers
  • Banks

Grounds of Discrimination

This chart shows which grounds are covered by which Human Rights Act:

Ground NWT Canada
Ancestry, Place of  Origin
Nationality (NT), National Origin
Ethnic Origin
Sex, Sexual Orientation
Gender Identity, Gender Expression
Marital Status
Family Status
Family Affiliation
Political Belief, Political Affiliation
Social Condition
Pardoned Criminal Conviction
Genetic Characteristics
Time Limit to File a Complaint 2 years 1 year

Many of the Human rights protected under the Canadian Human Rights Act are specific to First Nations. The Human Rights Handbook for First Nations was created specifically for people who work for First Nations governing bodies responsible for providing service to First Nations communities. Click on the link above to download a free pdf copy.

If you have any questions about jurisdiction just give us a call. We’re here to help.

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