Accommodation is making changes to rules, policies, and the physical environment to ensure a person is not discriminated against.

If you require an accommodation, ask for it. It is unreasonable to expect that a person or business should “just know” what you need. Asking politely for an accommodation and explaining why it is important to you will almost always result in a solution. The key is to work together.

Employers, landlords, and public service providers must be sensitive, inclusive, and flexible when a person requests an accommodation. Businesses will often make changes to accommodate an individual or group by doing things differently or making an exception when they are asked. A refusal to accommodate could be discrimination. Accommodation is not always perfect but it has to be reasonable and not cause undue hardship.

People should not experience negative treatment or have difficulty accessing goods or services while at work, at school, while shopping, eating at a restaurant, renting an apartment, receiving treatment at a health care facility, or at any other time.




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