Welcome Nicole MacNeil, Executive Director of the NWT Human Rights Commission

Image of Nicole MacNeil
Image of Nicole MacNeil the new executive director of the NWT Human Rights Commission

The NWT Human Rights Commission is mandated to protect the human rights of Northwest Territories residents. The Commission is composed of three to five Members and the Executive Director. The Executive Director is responsible for the operations of the Commission’s staff, the administration of the complaint process, and is responsible to the Legislative Assembly for the Administration of the Human Rights Act.

Effective November 16, 2020, Nicole MacNeil will assume this position for the next four years. Ms. MacNeil brings to the Office of the NWT Human Rights Commission years of experience from her time as a private practice labour and employment lawyer, and from within the Government of the Northwest Territories’ Labour Relations Division. Her career has led her through advising on harassment and accommodation policies, participating in human rights mediations, and reviewing workplace harassment complaints. She plans, among other goals, to focus on adapting to COVID-19 in regards to public education and outreach on Human Rights.

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