2019 Accessibility Award Winner is the Hamlet of Aklavik

The NWT Human Rights Commission presented the 2019 Accessibility Award to the Hamlet of Aklavik at the Minister Responsible for Persons with Disabilities Tea hosted by the NWT Disabilities Council. This award recognizes new and existing physical and/or non-physical accommodations that businesses make or have made to increase accessibility to their services.

The Hamlet of Aklavik recently completed a number of accessibility ramps for public spaces in their community.  The ramps make their buildings more accessible for persons with disabilities.  Buildings which had ramps improved or replaced include the Hamlet office, Stanton’s Store, and the recreational complex. The Hamlet also has plans to upgrade the ramp to the curling rink entrance.

“Getting around in the physical world is something that many of us take for granted.  It is critical to reduce barriers and have equal participation of persons with varying levels of ability in communities”, says Charles Dent, Chair of the Commission. “The Commission commends the the Hamlet of Aklavik for making their buildings more accessible to ensure that people with disabilities have physical access to buildings that are used by the public and are able to fully participate in the community.”

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