Call to Recognize Asian Canadians

The NWT Human Rights Commission calls on Northerners to recognize the sacrifices and contributions that Asian Canadians have made for and in our communities. Asian history is rich and also painful within Canada. Asian Canadians helped build this country with the construction of the Canadian Pacific Railway in the 1800s. And the horror of Japanese Canadians forcibly removed from their homes to internment camps during World War II should not be forgotten. The global pandemic has resurfaced anti-Asian sentiment with escalating racist attacks, violence and fear. These realities make Asian Heritage Month more important than ever.

This week the Commission is showcasing the stories of Asian Canadians on our Facebook page. We hope people will engage with the stories we’ve selected and talk about them so we can fight racist attitudes and beliefs based on ignorance.

Everyone has an opportunity to learn more about how Asian Canadians continue to endure racial discrimination and everyone can stand up against racism in all forms to help create safe and inclusive communities. The Commission urges all residents to stand against racism in solidarity with our Asian friends, neighbours, and community members.

The NWT Human Rights Commission works to promote a culture of inclusion through education and discussion about equality human rights and the NWT Human Rights Act.

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